What is a Conversion?

What is a conversion? You won’t have to look very deep into digital marketing to hear the term website conversion. But what it is? To define a conversion: Any action a visitor can make on your website. This can be clicking a button to call you, making a purchase, filling out a web form, or even visiting your page for a set period of time. There are many more ways for a customer to convert on your page but these are some of the most common.

Why is tracking conversions important? There are several reasons you want to track conversions on your website. The first is to simply see how your website is performing. Tracking conversion actions allow you to see what features of your website are generating interaction with your customers.

Conversion tracking also allows you to get valuable insight into who your best customers are. Some valuable information conversion tracking can help provide you is the age, gender, location, and interests of your most engaged visitors.

Tracking conversions can even save you money! If you are running paid ad campaigns, conversion tracking is important for you. Insight learned about your most engaged customers, those most likely to convert, allows you to adjust your targeting so that your ad budget is focused just on those visitors most likely to spend mone with your business. You can take this a step further connecting your conversion tracking directly to your ad campaigns. This allows you to put the power of machine learning at your fingertips to create ad campaigns that optimize themselves automatically to generate the most conversions possible within a set ad budget.

How do I track Conversions? Conversion tracking generally starts with one form of analytics or another. The first place we suggest starting is with Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides you with a wealth of information about all of your website visitors, not just those who convert. This provides an array of tools for creating and tracking conversion events that can be exported to other platforms to aid in marketing & advertising. A couple of other popular tools are the Facebook Pixel and Microsoft Universal Event Tracking. Both of these will provide you with information about visitors to your website from these platforms and enable you to optimize your advertising efforts for each as well.

What if I need help with conversion tracking? This is an integral part of Digital Marketing and this is what we do. We are available most any time to set up conversion tracking for you if needed or to answer a few questions if that’s all you need. 🙂

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