SEM? Why would I need Search Engine Marketing?

You have added a new product or started offering a specific service. You updated your business website to reflect the change but getting the word out takes time. It's a competitive market and you want to be able to reach potential customers before your competitors do. Or even worse, your competitors already offer this product or service. After a quick check on google or bing, you see they already rank on page one of search engines for it.  What can you do? 

SEM puts you at the top of search results, NOW.

Search Engine Marketing or "SEM" allows you to place paid ads above the organic search results on many popular search engines. You can also place display advertising that complements your SEM campaign on other services such as email providers and social media.

SEM is a great solution for companies offering new services but it can also be used to boost visibility and sales for any business. Are you entering a slow time of the year for your industry? Capture a larger percentage of the market share with a Search Engine Marketing campaign. 

Search Engine Marketing allows you to target the most Profitable searches.

Like many businesses, you may offer a wide variety of products and services. Some of these are going to be more profitable than others. What if you could increase sales specifically in those areas? With a well-executed SEM campaign, you can laser-target customers searching for specific products or services. This allows you to not just increase overall sales volume, you will dramatically increase profit margins as well. 

The best way to improve SEM performance? Excellent ads.

Simply throwing money at a search engine like bing or google using a fully automated SEM campaign will generate traffic. However, it may not be the traffic you want or may not result in a return on investment that even makes the campaign worthwhile.

Serious search engine marketers perform detailed keyword and market research. More clicks won't do you a bit of good if they are not the right clicks! Knowing what clicks to bid on will make all the difference in the return you get on your ad spend.

Well written advertisements are the most critical component in any SEM campaign. The ad copy used in the ads has a difficult job of bridging the gap between what potential customers type in search engines and the content you have provided on your website.

Achieving this effectively requires not only well written short copy, but it must also be keyword and topic-specific. Your ads will need to be broken down into groups that lead customers to the specific part of your website that best answers the question the searcher is asking. 

Sensible Services can improve your Ranking and make that Phone Ring!

Help your most profitable customers find you immediately. Sensible Services will build a Search Engine Marketing campaign that is laser targeted on the most desirable searches for your product or service. Well written ads that efficiently connect searchers with content that they are looking for will put your paid ad campaigns before the competition. Detailed keyword research will ensure you are not paying for clicks that are irrelevant to your business, leading to the highest possible return on your advertising investment. 


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