SEO? Why do I need Search Engine Optimization?

You decided it was time to grow your business and try to reach more customers online. You built a new great looking website for your business. You took the time to write out lots of information about your company. You even included photos related to your products and services. Your customers, however, still are not calling you.

Even worse? You tried searching yahoo & google for the services and products you offer, Your business? Nowhere to be found. All you see is a list of your competitors! 

SEO Helps put you at the top of search results.

Search Engine Optimization or "SEO" is the practice of making websites as visible as possible to search engines. Many of the SEO tasks are as simple as using the right keywords and phrases in the text. This may also include looking at file names and image descriptions. 

Other SEO tasks can be more complicated such as correcting javascript and CSS errors that impact page speed. It may also involve Identifying broken links and creating redirects to the right content.

The best way to improve website ranking? Write excellent original content. 

Arguably the most important SEO task is to write great content. You want to write in a way that does not just talk about features, but rather covers benefits. You want your readers to see the benefits they will receive by doing business with you.

Great content will not only help you make more sales. Other websites are much more likely to link to engaging honest content even if it's about a product or service. Links like this give your website a huge SEO boost. 

Sensible Services can improve your Ranking and make that Phone Ring!

Watch your website move up in ranking and the phone calls & sales increase that comes with it. We handle all varieties of SEO tasks for you from optimizing images to keyword research, page speed performance improvements and more. Our writers can even help you write compelling content that will sell your brand and earn backlinks to your page. 

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